Founded in 1990 as the design and manufacture of pressure vessels, filter separators, pig launcher & receivers and pipeline pigging solutions to the oil, gas and process industries worldwide. We manufacture a range of Quick Opening Closure products and associated equipment.

Our strategy is to create market advantage through technology, service and product leadership, by expanding our market focus to offer full customer solutions. From this dedication has come advancements in equipment development and applications; advancements that have changed the way industry experts solve problems. • Innovation – Proven state-of-the-art & design solutions. • Know-how – Unsurpassed experience and process knowledge. • Quality – Trusted genuine OEM parts competitively priced, and an after-sales commitment to excellent service support. • Synergies – Our cooperative interaction strengthens our commitment to more than design, manufacturing and selling equipment. It is to provide effective solutions to problems encountered by today’s industries Naturally, we support our existing range of products with a fully committed after-sales support facility, offering a comprehensive onshore/offshore inspection and service program, specifically designed to suit client requirements.

All Pars Tehnic's products are designed and manufactured to recognized industry specifications, we can further demonstrate our commitment to provide clients with quality product combined with a comprehensive document action support program.

Pars Tehnic Co. is dedicated to providing the highest quality work and prompt service, 24 hours a day. We are committed to continually improving our international quality programs, and to satisfying the stringent needs of our customers, many of whom are multinational firms.

“Custom Oil, Gas, Petrochemica and power plant Production Facilities Design, Fabrication, and Installation”
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