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Pars-Tech-Petro-Sherif (P.T.P.S. or Pars-Technic) provides advanced design innovation, performance, reliability and cost effectiveness in order to create solutions for tomorrows needs.


"Knowledge is Power", knowledge is what allows us to drive cars instead of ride horses, it is what helps us survive far longer than we should, and knowledge is even what prevents us from making the same mistakes we made in the past.


For Over 30 years, we have served our customers with quality products ranging from stand-alone process units to early production fields with associated power generation. P.T.P.S. products are reliable, durable and of high quality workmanship.


Our innovation strategy forms an integral part of our business plan and is key to our success. It sets out our values, why we innovate for our customers and how we ensure we deliver value for them through a series of innovative projects..

Our Story

Founded in 1990 as the design and manufacture of pressure vessels, filter separators, pig launcher & receivers and pipeline pigging solutions to the oil, gas and process industries worldwide.


All P.T.P.S. products are designed and manufactured to recognized industry specifications, we can further demonstrate our commitment to provide clients with quality product combined with a comprehensive document action support program.

  • Flexslider Compressor Station, Air Coolers
  • Flexslider Compressor Station, Air Coolers & Suction Scrubber
  • Flexslider Compressor Station, Suction Scrubber + Coalescer
  • Flexslider Suction Scrubber + Coalescer Ready to Deliver
  • Flexslider Air Cooler Ready to Deliver
  • Flexslider PIG Launcher & Receiver Trap
  • Flexslider PIG Launcher & Receiver Traps
  • Flexslider Heat Exchanger Tube-Bundle

we support our existing range of products with a fully committed after-sales support facility, offering a comprehensive onshore/offshore inspection and service program, specifically designed to suit client requirements.


Our strategy is to create market advantage through technology, service and product leadership, by expanding our market focus to offer full customer solutions. From this dedication has come advancements in equipment development and applications; advancements that have changed the way industry experts solve problems

  • Innovation – Proven state-of-the-art & design solutions
  • Know-how – Unsurpassed experience and process knowledge
  • Quality – Trusted genuine OEM parts competitively priced, and an after-sales commitment to excellent service support
  • Synergies – Our cooperative interaction strengthens our commitment to more than design, manufacturing and selling equipment


Wringing Scrubber CFD

Helical Coil Seprators CFD

"Pars Technic (P.T.P.S.) has good experience in Design & Manufacturing of Gas Suction Scrubbers for Gas Compressor Stations.”


Our knowledge and experience to provide the correct products for your needs.

Menu Vessels

Pressure Vessels

Manufacturing all types pressure vessels according to...

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Menu Closure


Closures provide both horizontal or vertical access to...

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Menu Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger is a device used to transfer heat between two...

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Menu Filters

Dry Gas Filters

Dry Gas filters are used to remove fine debris from a gas pipeline.

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Menu Process Units

Process Units

Modern manufacturing operations demand innovative solutions...

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Menu Heads/Caps

Dish & Head / End-Cap

P.T.P.S. is the only manufacturer of caps and vessel heads...

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Menu Scrubbers

Suction Scrubbers

Multi_Cyclone separators (Suction Scrubbers) are high-capacity...

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Menu L/R Traps

Pig Launching & Receiving

Design and manufacturing all types of pig launching and receiving...

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Menu Separators

Filter Separators

The filter separator is a two stage separator, which will be a...

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Menu A.C.

Air Coolers

Design and Manufacturing Air Coolers for...

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Menu Storage Tanks

Storage Tanks

Storage tanks are containers that hold liquids...

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Menu Geothermal

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is generally accepted as being an environmentally...

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